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Poiret en Progress

November 28, 2011

Hiya, I’ve been (slowly) getting on with my 1920s coccoon coat, hampered only by Ofsted (school inspectors), eczema (on my hands, how cruel for an artist?), and a lack of Betty (my mannequin). I eventually decided to use the Folkwear Poiret coat which had been discontinued but I found one on good old Ebay. I had a specific idea of how it would look:


La Poiret Cocoon Coat


Anyway, I’ve now finished a toile, adjusted from the original pattern, which I hope to transfer to paper on Wednesday, and start cutting out my ACTUAL coat. Aargh!

Adjustments to right hand side

More pics and waffling on over here.

Cheers guys x
PS. I’m gonna be extra good, and wash my fabric first too
  1. Kate, the owner at Folkwear (who subscribes to WeSewRetro so I know she’s excited to see your progress with this), wanted me to let you guys know that the Poiret Cocoon Coat has been republished after being out of print for nearly 20 years 🙂

  2. this is my first post and foray into this site…your web page struck a cord, as i have been attempting to make a 1940s princess coat for a lovely northern lady …who i have never met!!! i am making it long distance ;p the original coat was to be made in dark red wool,following a 32″bust pattern for a day dress but my lady who is a 40″ bust, sent green stretch cord….long story short it should have been finished by now and i have cut two patterns , many different sleeves and i hope am almost finished putting it together …i have been overworked and unwell this last term (technical tutor) but i am determined to get it to her by Christmas… i have a long series of photos and if anyone is interested i will post the finished coat next week ….fingers crossed, i think procrastination has set in because of the fabric choice, it is quite hard to make something your not totally sure of. I really hope it fits and she loves it when i’ve finished….I am looking forward to seeing your poiret coat finished, i am sure there is a simular pattern in janet arnolds patterns for fashion…ps i am dyslexic so please forgive my spelling and random grammer .jx

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