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McCall’s 6350 – Thanksgiving Dress

November 24, 2011
Vintage-style Thanksgiving dress

A modern pattern, this one, but the effect is definitely vintage style – I hope you agree!  I first noticed this pattern when Gertie featured it on her blog, and I bought it when I was in the States over the summer and could get VMB patterns with cheaper postage (it was on sale as well, so really a bargain!)  The fabric is from Exquisite Fabrics in Washington, DC and is a Thanksgiving toile de jouy, which is about the coolest thing you can imagine.  Being British, it actually took me a while to figure out that it was Thanksgiving – when I first saw it I thought, “incredible, American toile de jouy with pilgrims on; I want it” and it was only when I’d been sewing with it for a few days that I managed to deduce that “pilgrims+pumpkins+corn+turkeys=THANKSGIVING!”  So I am wearing it tonight for a big party with my American housemates and I thought it was a good day to share it with the SewRetro community as well.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Vintage-style Thanksgiving dress
McCall's 6350

I made View C of the pattern, which looks very like my finished dress.  I graded from a 12 on the waist to an 8 on the bust with the A-cup pattern piece and didn’t make any modifications, other than to take in the whole bust area in even more at the side seams to try and get it tight enough to stay up on its own without straps.  Sadly, there just isn’t enough there to hold a dress up, so I had to give in and add the halter strap.  I’m wearing it with a big pouffy petticoat I made myself.

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