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Garter Belt Hardware Question

November 8, 2011

Okay ladies and gents! I’ve been wanting to make a garter belt for some time, and I have one I can use as a basic pattern, but running into one *teensy* problem. Where can I find the hardware for these? Hook & eye closure in the back is easy enough to find. I could even be lazy and use bra findings for that. But the actual clips that hold the stockings and the little pieces to make the straps adjustable in length? I have no idea. The adjustment hardware I could do without if need be, but not the clips.

I’ve checked and eBay. I’ve Googled it a number of different ways. The best I’ve found was a site linking to wholesalers- but I don’t need 100,000 of them as my minimum order, nor can afford the $2,000. or so it would cost me.

I’d really prefer to find a matched set, and not a handful of mismatched salvages from old clothing.

Thanks in advance! Looking forward to some direction here. 🙂

  1. i was thinking you could either salvage a set from an old garter (goodwill or maybe a junky one from ebay) or what if you use very tiny hooks like they use on overalls. i bet they make a very small child size set. just had a thought, check online clearance from victoria secret or frederick’s of hollywood and buy an actual garter and take it apart….

    1. Doh! I feel so silly right now! I’ll start checking thrift stores and see what I can find. I have noticed most newer ones use the plastic clips, which I don’t like. I’ve bought a few belts that used those, but it never fails that one breaks as soon as you try to use them.

  2. Steinlauf and Stoller here in NYC stocks garter clips. Also plush elastic, lingerie sliders and hooks, and everything else notion-related under the sun. Give them a call! Their clips are sturdy metal, reasonably priced and available (IIRC) in black and white.

  3. re: previous commenter, I actually recommend against using thrifted or vintage clips because the rubber in them can harden and degrade (with sun, heat, time …) and it can be heartbreaking to find that your clips just don’t hold up your stockings, or worst, let them drop at a terribly inopportune moment. You wanna feel CONFIDENT about your underthings.

  4. There are several sites on-line selling garter straps and tabs. One is and there a number of sewing sites which have these also. They are not very expensive and for the most part the shipping is reasonable too.

  5. Farthingales sells garter making supplies – elastic, buckles, links, slides and garter grips…they’re all new and each item indicates which other items it works with so you know what size of each item to get.

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