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Free Pattern from Independent Pattern Company Folkwear

November 30, 2011
#249 1930's Day Dress

How is it December already?!  If you’re anything like me, this month gets a little crazy for you so I think a treat is in order…

I’m excited to announce the opportunity to win a gorgeous pattern of your choice from independent retro/historical pattern company Folkwear.

CraftyWeeOne’s recent post on her version of the Poiret Coccoon Coat inspired me to pop back over to and, fortunately for us, owner Kate is absolutely lovely.

Some of Folkwear's pattern collection


How to Enter:

To enter, head over to to pick your favorite pattern. You don’t have to limit yourself to the ones I’ve pictured here – any pattern in the collection can be yours.

There are a couple of different ways you can browse folkwear’s pattern collection: the main page has everything separated by category so you can jump straight to your main interest, or you can see a PDF version of the catalog here.

Once you’ve made your selection, leave me a comment on this post letting me know which pattern you want to make and why.


Entry Deadline:

The last day for entries will be December 15th when the winner will be drawn at random. Our lucky winner will receive the pattern they chose in the comments.


International entrants always welcome

I love that We Sew Retro has members, readers and fans stationed all over the world so entry is open to all, regardless of where you live.

Selection of Folkwear Patterns


To prevent possible confusion, it’s worth noting you don’t have to be a registered member of We Sew Retro to enter, although there’s no time like the present to join!

Huge thanks to Kate at Folkwear for letting us loose on her patterns and good luck to all entrants! I can’t wait to see which pattern you’ll pick!

  1. I would love to have #305, the Japanese interior pattern. On a recent trip for a family emergency, all beds at my in-laws house were filled, and I ended up sleeping on one of these traditional futons that my father in law’s father brought back from Japan many years ago. It was so comfortable, I started looking for one of my own. It would be so neat to be able to make one in fabric of my choosing! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  2. I would have to go with #209, the exceedingly practical walking skirt. I inherited the Armistice Blouse pattern from a family friend, and it would be wonderful to be able to make the complete outfit!

  3. I would love to make #252 Beach Pyjamas. I’m totally over the too-much-flesh-on-the-beach look. These classy summer cover-ups that will look far better than a sarong 🙂

  4. I’m job hunting. #255 the Swing Suit would be a perfect way for me to 1) have something to sew that would 2) use up some beautiful wool I have in my stash and 3) result in a fabulous interview outfit.

  5. #240, Rosie the Riveter. I loved the overalls someone posted here not long ago, and these are just plain cute! I haven’t worn overalls since I was a kid!

  6. i would love to make the Rosie the Riveter Overalls, because my boyfriend & i run a traditional, hand-painted sign shop in berkeley, california & id love to have something stylishly vintage to wear while painting storefront winows & old fashioned signs!

  7. My favourite is the #210 Armistice Blouse from the end of WWI. It is such a pretty timeless model. I’ve watched the first season of BBC’s Downton Abbey and got inspired by the elegant wardrobe. Thanks for organising this great opportunity!

  8. There are so many amazing patterns there it’s almost impossible to pick, but if I was going to pick one of my favourites there to sew next it would be #210
    Armistice Blouse

  9. I would love to have #233 Glamour Girl Dress, I’ve been coveting a 40s dress for a long time now. Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. What a fantastic give-a-way! I’d go for the 30’s day-dress; I love that era and it’d be interesting to see Folkwear’s construction techniques for items of that era.

  11. I love this! I have been obsessed with folkwear for years yet I have yet to own one! I choose #240…rosie the riveter. I am rehabing my arts and crafts house myself and I feel like I need some overalls for function and cuteness of course. Rosie is a powerful symbol of the hard working enterprising and independant woman. love it. plus the overalls are pretty freaking cute. cheers!

  12. Hi there, what a brilliant giveaway! I’d love #252 the beach pajamas. I’ve pined after 30s beach pajamas for a long time and it’d be great to be able to make my own!

  13. I cannot decide between the Korean Cheongsam or the Big Sky Riding Pants. I love going through their website and contemplate what to get. I always seem to come back to these two though.

  14. I’m totally in love with the Poiret Cocoon coat #503. I’m fascinated by many of his creations and would love to make this as part of whole ensemble.

  15. #240 Rosie the Riveter, I love the pattern, I’ve seen this jumper before and I fell in love with it, but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. Thanks!

  16. I think I’d have to go with #508 Traveling Suit. It looks like it would be a fun challenge (I haven’t done many jackets) and the shape might actually be flattering on me. Maybe a fun project if i could complete it for a late-winter, early spring.

  17. Thanks for holding this giveaway. I’m not a member, but if I won I would want #205, the Gibson Girl blouse because I’ve been watching a lot of Martha’s Sewing Room lately and I really want to try out some heirloom sewing techniques like lace insertion and tucks but my girls aren’t so little anymore.

  18. i’ve totally had my eye on the Rosie the Riveter (#240) overalls for so long. I’d love to win, because its hard to find vintage-styled patterns in plus (or larger) sizes!

  19. oooh – what a great site. I’ve never seen this before. I’d love the #250 Hollywood Pants. I have been searching for a good “retro” style of pants for a while now and these look like just want I need.

  20. Wow, I am so glad you posted about this pattern company. Its great to hear about smaller companies that make different patterns and with so many sizes. 🙂
    I love so many of them but I think the #249 1930’s Day Dress
    Misses XS-3XL. is one I would be itching to make for myself.
    Just a little question what do you charge for postage to Western Australia, Perth? Because I think I might get some friends together and do a bulk order.

    1. Answer to this from Kate:

      “All shipping charges are based on the amount spent. For example, shipping charges to Australia would be $12.00 for merchandise totals up to $15.00; $14.00 for totals from $15.01 to $25.00; $15.00 for totals between $25.01 to $40.00, and so on. We ship via International Air Mail.”

      You can get in touch with her directly by emailing 🙂

  21. I <3 the Vintage Bathing Costume. I've seen a real one up close that was used in a show & I have the perfect wool to make this out of at home!!

  22. What a wonderful giveaway 🙂
    I absolutely adore #123: the Austrian Dirndl, but I have to say my favourite is the gorgeous #233, the Glamour Girl Dress. It’s breathtakingly beautiful in its design 🙂

  23. ~ * ♥ * ~

    I am totally dying to make the #250 “Hollywood Pants” being so desperately short of vintage styled trousers in my wardrobe ~ I am scheming to rectify that disastrous problem and that pattern could be just what I need. Thank you, this is a fabulous giveaway!

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  24. So hard to choose…that website always takes me down many roads! I’ve been pondering the French Cheesemaker’s Smock for years, but first? I would choose #128 Russian Settlers’ Dress! 🙂

  25. WOW gorgeous patterns!
    So many that say ‘Pick me Pick me’:)

    I Love the Glamour Girl Dress #233 as my first pick. It was a toss up though between Glamour, Beach PJ’s or the Metro Hat…..I might just have to buy them anyway:) Love love love to sew:))

  26. I’m just starting to sew, mostly because I love the 20’s and 30’s styles… 🙂 I’d really love the Model T Duster (#230) – fabulous looking coat with a lovely swish. Would be perfect outer layer to complement my vintage frock plans!

  27. How can one pick a pattern? I love every single one! My favorite though has got to be the Japanese Hakama and Kataginu. Love it! I love that Folkwear offers patterns you can’t find anywhere else.

  28. I would love to sew the Metropolitan Suit, I adore the fronging details and drape. I think I will need to do an order now… so many patterns so little time!

  29. #227 Edwardian Bridal Gown – I’ve been dying to get into costume making again… it’s been so long since I made a gown! I’ve always wanted to try one of these patterns. Thanks for the offer 🙂

  30. It’s so hard to pick, they are all wonderful. But, I do love the Thai Wrap Blouse from #134 South Asian Tops & Wraps. I think the tapered sleeves and v-neck will be very flattering. Thanks for the opportunity to try a Folkwear pattern for free!

  31. I’ve been coveting #210, the Armistice Blouse for a while now, but have been too chicken to try it. I think it would be the easiest pattern to integrate into my everyday wardrobe.

  32. I would most definitely love to make #207 the Kinsale Cloak. It would be perfect for the upcoming winter, and I do so love my Irish heritage.

  33. Whoa, thanks for the head’s up on this post! Sooo happy you added the goggle link up! Anyways, I’m going to have to go with the Cocoon Coat. Not my era at all, but just looks so lush. Perfect for herding sheep! 🙂

  34. I really like #230 Model T Duster. It reminds me of a cross between a double-breasted suit jacket and a trench coat, both of which I have been dying to try. I like that particular era of fashion history and this would be my first go at making something from that period.

  35. Hello,
    As you wrote it, international entrants are welcome. So am I, a seamstress from Paris. I love those patterns especially the Armisice Blouse which I saw on Casey Elegants Musings’ blog.
    Thaks for the giveway.

  36. I would pick their newest pattern #268, the Metropolitan Suit, because I adore those early 20th-century looks. That Gibson girl look has always been fairly attractive on my somewhat zaftig figure, and I already own the Gibson Girl blouse, #205, and the Armistice Blouse, #210. I’ve had my eye on the new Metro Middy Blouse, #270, as well

  37. Love all of the patterns, and the illustrations are divine! Thought I’d pick something different from my usual, I think #207 Kinsale Cloak is my choice.

  38. I love Folkwear Patterns! Their Empire Dress was the inspiration for the very first dress I ever made.

    These days my look has changed a bit, and I would pick the Poiret Cocoon Coat because the silhouette is unlike anything in my pattern stash! I feel a new 1920s and 30s obsession may be in order. . .

  39. Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway!
    I’d be very happy to win #503, the Poiret Cocoon Coat. I love it’s shape and I think it would be very fun to add some embellishment to.

  40. Hands down favorite Glamour Girl Dress #233. The Folkwear description is the best answer to why I want to make this dress. “It emphasizes curves, drapes elegantly, and lends an air of discreet sexiness.” I have some vintage dress rayon that would be perfect. I bet making the waist band yoke a contrasting color would give a perfect hourglass silhouette. Thank you Folkwear for such lovely patterns.

  41. I would love to make 113, the Japanese Kimono. I drafted a kimono using my measurements and the instructions in the book Make Your Own Japanese Clothes, but the fit was not, shall we say, traditional. It was kind of a mutant. I’ve heard this pattern makes a pretty historically accurate yukata… Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. Oops, I almost missed this one! Actually, I may be too late, but if I’m not, I like #123, the Austrian Dirndl.

    I’ve been lurking forever, but you’ve lured me into commenting 🙂

  43. Congratulations to Aukje in the Netherlands for winning the giveaway. We are shipping your #210 Armistice Blouse to you today. And thanks to everyone for your interest in Folkwear and the giveaway. Your comments have inspired me to get into my sewing studio TODAY. I’m going to cut out #209 Walking Skirt in a black crinkle rayon.

  44. I would love to make the #503 Poiret Cocoon Coat! I can imagine myself wearing it and at the stroke of midnight being transported to a fabulous 1920’s club! I was clearly born in the wrong era!

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