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October 12, 2011

The dress I pulled out of the closet for a day in San Francisco at the De Young Museum is Vogue 2903.  I felt that the bright colors were appropriate for a Picasso exhibit.

I adore this reproduction.  And it is still in print, so I cannot be the only one!  I have a bad habit of hoarding patterns, pulling them out to look at the lovely cover illustrations, but finding excuse after excuse not to sew up an actual garment.  Instead of wasting time dreaming of the many possibilities, I should just dig in.

In this case, I could not resist cutting into this one as soon as I got the pattern home a few years ago.  And luckily, the perfect fabric found me.  These are not the colors I would normally be drawn to, but I could not resist the large-scale watercolor print on crisp cotton.  It leapt out at me from the quilting cotton wall at JoAnn Fabrics.

I love, love, love the neckline.  The yoke construction is ingenious.  The shoulder pieces are finished off and then the sleeves and yoke, which are constructed as one piece, get set into the finished garment.  For a more formal look, the yoke section could easily be removed from the pattern altogether and a length of bias fabric used to finish off the underarm raw edges.  I am surprised that the pattern does not include this as an alternate view.

The only downside with the dress is that the pleats can be a bit of a pain to iron.  I made the mistake of basting them with a bright red color that blended in with the print, and every time I iron the dress, I find more basting thread bits.

The dress was a bit hit at the museum.  And wearing a crinoline is a great trick to keeping a bit of personal space in an over-crowded gallery!

More pictures may be found over at my blog, Lilacs & Lace.

  1. WOW!! the dress is just beautiful!! I have that pattern but I have read it is kind of difficult to sew….so perhaps it will be there during a long time after I learn how to sew in a good way, I mean, I am not an advence sewer.

    You always do beautiful dresses!!!

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