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Time for Wool!

October 17, 2011
Red & green plaid skirt and top

‘Tis the season (in Wisconsin anyways) to dig through those piles of wool yardage.  Using two Hollywood Patterns (1585 and 1898) from the late 1940s, I just finished up a matching skirt and tie-front top.  Okay, so the top won’t keep me very warm, but being a red and green plaid, this skirt will work all winter.  I also sewed up an unlined jacket to layer over my sweaters.  Being a shepherdess by trade, I wear as much wool as I can!  Read more at my blog.

1940s plaid jacket
  1. Love both looks. That jacket is perfect retro look but timeless too. Love love love your blog, so much fun to read. Great photos and well written.

  2. Thanks for the compliments, Everyone! Sorry I didn’t do an intro post here (too excited to get right to the sewing), but if you check my blog, you’ll find more. Pattern numbers and envelope pics are posted there too!

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