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October 12, 2011

Just wanted to share my latest vintage knit with you, made using reclaimed pure angora from a sweater my mum made years ago, paired with some very “vintage-y” trousers from Burda magazine 4/2011…

The sweater pattern is from “A stitch in time – volume 1”, a very beautiful knitting book.  The trousers were made with thrifted heavy linen, which cost $6.00.  They were so easy to make, and are really comfortable and flattering.  Even though I have a little extra “winter-weight” I feel great in these trousers.  I usually have trouble with trousers – they never seem to work out – so I will be making these again.  The hardest part about the trousers was copying the pattern from the very confusing, multi-pattern, sheets that come with the magazine.  I am super-happy with these as a complete outfit, and feel trendy and vintage at the same time.

Have a great day everyone, and I love the new site…congratulations 🙂

  1. Gosh, I recognized that sweater straight away since I have the original pattern in the 1970s Stitch in Time. I’ve been meaning to make this sweater sometime. I love the old patterns. I’m on the fence about getting the follow up vo1. 2 for Stitch in Time – early bird discount ends today. Better hurry!

    1. I wasn’t going to buy either book, since they have it at my library, but my college library was getting rid of the original 1972 book and gave it to me – I was the only person who borrowed it in ten years! Once I had that I pre-ordered no. 2…then I had to have the reprint of no. 1! It is being published (finally) at the end of this month. I have three ‘preview’ patterns since there have been delays with printing, and they are lovely. I too love old knitting patterns, but they can be tricky to follow – tiny font, sparse instructions etc – so these re-written patterns are great.

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