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Plaid jumper skirt

October 23, 2011

This is one item from my current project list, an all-new wardrobe for Autumn.

It is a black and white plaid jumper or suspender skirt, for which I took inspiration from various 1950s patterns.


1950s style plaid jumper skirt
Advance pattern 8064, mid 1950s

I drafted the pattern myself, starting with my half-circle skirt as a base. I divided the skirt into four panels with seams at the sides and centre-front and -back, then added extra width at the waist to allow for a dart in each panel, marking these in at the appropriate place. I lengthened the pattern at the top to give the high waist, and shaped the top edge. The straps are just straight double-fold strips that are crossed at the back.

I added red buttons to compliment the subtle red stripe in the fabric, and lined it in the same shade.

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  1. Omg I just made that pattern last week!

    The way mine was created was using a princess cut – it gives the circle skirt the nicest flare and eliminates the need for darts. It also has pockets! If you can get your hands on the pattern, do so – the way the skirt falls because of the particular shape of the pattern pieces is totally magic. I’ll show it on my blog after Halloween (I made it into a Dorothy skirt). 🙂

    1. With this one it was a case of stash-busting without spending anything if possible, hence the self-draft. It does hang much nicer with a petticoat but the only one I have is 3″ longer than the skirt (and is cream so just looks odd against the white if I was to wear it visible). My total spend for this one was 16p for the buttons and 35p for a zip. The fabric and lining had both been hiding in the Big Box in the cupboard for a good three years! And I still have leftovers for a dress for Little One.

      I’ll keep an eye out for yours though 🙂

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