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My First Glamorous 50’s Rockabilly Pencil Skirt!

October 25, 2011

Hello,  here is the story of my pencil skirt that I have just finished.

I’m actually not sure what information is too much on here so I will keep it short and sweet and you can see the full story on my blog = http://buttonbunny.blogspot.com/

This is the practice one I made just to check the size before I cut up my best material!

This is the pattern I used, the size was actually spot on for measurements. I only had to make a couple of adjustments. One for hips, one for the actual length, as the shortest length was still a bit long and one for skirt width at the bottom.(I wanted it as 50’s glam as pos!)

One of two Aaagghh! moments. This one a seam ripper accident...


And the other was a mistake in the pinning of the waistband, I had to then make a bit to add on…

(for some reason the next photo keeps wanting to go to the top of the page so I can’t put the finished picture on)

But anyway, it turned out alright in the end. Please take a look at my blog to see the full story and more pictures!


Button Bunny x





  1. We’ve had discussions on the site in the past about how much info posters should aim for, and the majority of the community felt the more info the better. What you’ve done here is fine : )

    I can help you out with your pictures if you get stuck. Feel free to drop me an email (you’ll find my address if you click CONTACT at the top of the site) if you ever need assistance and I’ll help you get your pictures to behave.

    1. Thank You! My hubby was impressed i’d managed this much technology!!! so any more help is great. ***Thanks again***

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