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Du Barry 5172 – Almost Done!!

October 24, 2011

Ya’ll have been so helpful with this stinky fabric and it’s finally almost done!  I did French seams on everything including the arm holes. If you haven’t tried it yet don’t be afraid, it works out just fine. I do wish the bust gathers were more noticeable but in another fabric they would probably show up better. The collar is the best one I have ever installed (and the best directions on any pattern I have ever used. It rolls perfectly!)  I have to figure out button placement and hem length; and finish that other sleeve of course. The coordinating vest is a different matter…

More pics are on my blog.


  1. You’ve probably decided on the button placement already, but if you haven’t, one tip I read somewhere is to be sure to line up one of the buttons with the fullest part of your bust. Otherwise, the gaps between the buttons will tend to gape. What a beautiful job you’ve done on that blouse!

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