Ceil Chapman Gown Finished!

October 4, 2011

Well, it was a lot of work, and I did not finish until acouple of hours before I had to leave the house, but the end effect was wellworth it!
My Gutterman silk thread spool was completely used up, so Ihand basted over 110 yards of fabric. And I am afraid to think about how many hours it took – I would guesssomewhere around 60 or 70 hours over the past month between the muslin, the corselette,basting dupioni to organza and gathering up quite a few leaves and flowers, andmaking and embellishing the matching purse.
I think this is the most work I have ever done on any onegarment, and I am also the most proud of this gown.
More information about my process, and more pictures may befound over at Lilacs & Lace.
  1. This dress is AMAZING! I can't imagine the thrill of wearing it out for a night on the town. I bet you got tons of compliments on it.
    This dress is a work of art. Congrats!

  2. Wow, this is really Scarlet O'Hara style. Stunning dress, marvelous execution. The color is just fantastic. All in all – BRAVO!

  3. Dios mio!! esta hermoso!! Oh my God!! it is beautiful!!! honesty, it is WOW!!! the fabric, the color, the flowers detail, eberything!! and you look beautiful too!!

  4. And yes, you have the figure to pull this off too. I love how you did your hair…and all the accessories you pulled together to really make this ensemble outstanding. Btw, aren't you on a knitter on Ravelry? We need to be friends. 🙂

  5. I said it out loud when I saw these pictures, so I have to say it again: "Oh my god, that's fabulous." Absolutely amazing, I hope it's as much fun to wear as it is to look at!

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