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Butterick 2104 – The End of Summer Dress

October 4, 2011
Hello All! I’m a long time reader but I have yet as to publish a post. Here goes nothing…

I made vintage Butterick 2104 (1960s); a circle skirted tank dress with a large midriff piece. I used bright green cotton with micro white polka dots. The neckline is finished with some bias binding (next time I’ll use self bias binding). I initially thought the pattern was going to be too small so I altered it. Bad idea! After I cut everything out it was huge! Like really really huge! I ended taking in quite a bit and having to make a couple pleats and tucks in the neckline (read more here at my blog, scroll to middle of page).

Because I hate hemming up a circle skirt I used a narrow hemmer to finish the bottom. This way also uses up less fabric too which I always try to find a way to do.  All in all I really liked the dress. I got lots of compliments and no one thought it was ‘home made’. I have the over-blouse cut out and ready to go but seeing as how it’s cold and in the 40s and 50s I think it will just hang out till spring. I do plan on shortening it though to just above the knee.


On a side note I’m having some 1940s jumper issues and any advice or design ideas would be great (see here). Thanks and happy sewing!!

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