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advance 8309: my summer SWAP goes down in flames

October 17, 2011

this is already pretty far behind me (in terms of sewing schedule), but i’ve really come to love these tops and have been having a lot of fun styling them for fall.

allow me to present yet another 1950s top pattern in my obsession collection, advance 8309.

from etsy seller fripperie

as with my beloved Vogue 6453 the goal here is a mini wardrobe of cute tops for leftover bits of cotton from my (disturbingly large and compulsive) liberty collection. stingy cutting always works in the end, my friends. my problem here is that i was already planning a mini wardrobe. and this got in the way. my problem here is similar to what carolyn describes: sometimes you just need a quickie. these little tops take less than an hour and less than a yard of fabric. quickie doesn’t even begin to describe it!

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