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A post concerning a dress and to extend Halloween Greetings…..

October 31, 2011

Hello everyone! This is my first post in quite sometime and since we have relocated. I hope a wonderful Halloween is being had by all. I wanted to share a dress that I am finishing up right now. I am very happy with it, not only has it turned out pretty well but it has also presented me with the opportunity to learn a new technique or two.

I used this pattern:

Simplicity #2914 c. 1959

It is from 1959 and I bought it in an antique mall in Omaha, NE. for $2.00, even though it is inexplicably marked $6!  I thought this a pretty good deal as all the pieces were intact and directions present.

I sort of used both views…I wanted the ‘V’ back in View #1 but I also wanted the sleeves in View #2 so I incorporated both elements.

I used a Carolina Herrera, 100% Silk Twill fabric that I found online at Mood Fabrics. I saw it and I knew it was the one for this dress. This is truly one of the great fabric loves of my life, thus far….though that might not be saying much as I tend to feel that undying, all consuming, can’t live without it no matter the price way toward a lot of fabrics. What can I say…I can’t help myself I love to be in love! I digress, sorry….her she is:

The "Birds of a Feather Flock Together" Dress

For more pictures and details concerning construction, etc. visit my blog:






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