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1950s Margo Walters Dress

October 17, 2011

Hi Everyone! My name is Tiffany and this is my first SewRetro post. I’m so happy to finally be posting! I’ve been reading the blog for about 4 months now, and I truly love it.

Most of my sewing is in the Victorian fashion, but however much I love Victorian, it is just not easy to wear it in public most of the time. Vintage fashions (circa 1940+), however are much easier to go out in.

I am posting because I tried to “cheat” on a dress over the weekend. I was wandering an antique Mall and found a lovely “Margo Walters” dress from the 1950s in overall good condition. I was psyched, especially since the dress was my size (score!) At least I thought so until I got home.

I tried on this gorgeous spring green dress and alas, my bosom was too buxom. No matter how much I tried to squish them down, I could not zip the zipper. A sad day for me and Margo Walters.

I ended up Etsying the dress, much to my dismay. If I could have let the dress out enough I would have done it in a second!

It was good to finally post here! I hope to post more about my Vintage Adventures in the future, and if any of you want to check out my blog see it here.



  1. Hi Tiffany! We’re glad to have you! I’ve taken out the link to where you have the dress for sale – you’re more than welcome to link to your store in your profile (which appears at the bottom of all your posts anyway) but we like to keep the posts themselves free of advertising : )

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