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1930s skirt and knitted jumper

October 26, 2011

HI there new-SewRetro!

My name is Bex, and I blog over at Subversive Femme (I also have an Etsy storeof the same name). I normally stick to late 1940s to early 1950s styles, but am starting to explore the late 1930s (pre-WW2) looks.

Here’s my interpretation of the slim skirt and cardigan that would have been perfect for galavanting about town during the late thirties.

















The knitting pattern is from Chadwick’s Sweater News (circa 1939) and Red Heart have also done a (terribly written) reproduction.  The skirt is just a simple high waisted 6-gored skirt, made from stretch bengaline (i’m sure a 1930’s working woman would appreciate the wearability).

I’m loving the heavy red buttons and the puff sleeves~! Hope you do too…










  1. We have a “no advertising in posts” policy here, Bex. You’re more than welcome to link to your etsy store in your profile (which appears at the bottom of every post you make anyway), but please leave links to your etsy store out of your post.

    Hopefully these rules don’t feel too draconian. With the new members page and the profiles, I’m trying to give everyone plenty of opportunity to get their sites out there without tipping the balance away from interesting community-minded content.

  2. i loooooove that sweater! I really would love to learn more than to knit a scarf but i am more of an instant gratification gal. it does give me a great idea for thrifting a old navy sweater and making it into a cardi like that. although last time i tried to go from sweater to cardi it wasn’t to pretty….

  3. Agreed that the public scolding was unnecessary. But I lovelovelove your outfit! I can’t knit and don’t normally appreciate knitted garments but I’d love to be able to make that cardigan. Great skirt too. The whole outfit is just fantastic.

  4. A scolding?? Oh goodness Bex, I hope you don’t feel reprimanded!

    My intention was to explain why your etsy link kept disappearing – my second comment is ripped pretty much verbatim from our advertising policy at the menu on the top of the page (…even “draconian”… ; )

    I’d emailed it to you, but as you put the link back in after I had sent it I assumed my email must have got caught in a spam filter. I didn’t want you thinking you were losing your mind because your link kept disappearing ; )

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