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what are these???

September 29, 2011

well hello there guys and gals!
i recently came into possession of these mystery items, and i was wondering if anyone knows what they are!

i got them from my great-aunt rose and she has no clue what they are or how she got them… i thought they were hat pins when i saw them in the bag, but when i took them out, i saw that they had a little ‘bead’ on each end that doesn’t come off. the smaller ones have amber colored glass beads on either end

the long ones have black beads that feel like a clay or resin maybe… and they have a cut out design that could be either a poorly done flower, or a poorly done skull.

they are really thin, easily bent wire, and are about 2 1/2 to 6″ long.

WHAT ARE THEY? i figured if anyone knows, they might be on sew retro! they are definitely old. they other stuff in the box had been in there for decades. the wire is a bit rusted. any help would be appreciated!

  1. I was going to suggest a similar thing. I vaguely remember coming across similar supplies in my great aunt's basement as a small child, except they had remnants of silk flowers on them.

    Of course, these are childhood memories I'm going by, so I wouldn't be surprised at all to find they are nothing of the sort.

  2. They do look like stamens. But I think they would be great for winding around anything–like a bow, wrap these around the center instead of another piece of fabric; around a wreath; anything that could be held together. 🙂

  3. Hi ,I like sewing (and tried some retro patterns ) but mainly I'm a jewelry designer and so these little things are looking familiar to me : These are so called headpins . You put larger beads onto the wire , curl the end and use them as dangles for earrings or bracelets .
    Greets Dodo
    Ps : For jewelry makers they may be little treasures , espacially the resin ones

  4. These are vintage teddy bears eyes and noses. They are cut through the wire and inserted through the fur fabric then anchored by going through a button or other similar item and winding the end around pliers. I was a bear maker and designer.

  5. I agree with Tiffany and Susan they are definitely eyes and noses for teddies. If you look at the amber ones head on you will be able to see it as a teddy 'eye'. If you go on google images and search for teddy eyes or teddy noses you will see what we mean. The fixings are different now but otherwise still the same

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