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I just bought these Civil War photos as a class handout

September 30, 2011

Hello Ladies I just purchased these as part of the class engagement process. They are more aligned to your subject Alicia, and if you read down below on the blog, it will tell you about CDV’s, which is what these are. I have asked the seller to send them straight away. Hopefully the class will enjoy them, and perhaps we can talk about CDV’s and how they were made with the woodbury process, and that they were traded amongst families. I am also bidding on some more, and in particular a Nadar one. If I am unsuccessful in my bidding, what I might do is try to reproduce the images by printing them onto card, to add to the originals I have just purchased. This may be all that I do for the class engagement exercise, because of time restrictions by the time we hand out a pinhole camera, albumen prints, a flip book, and these photos. I want us to get a good mark for all our effort!

the Seller has advised me “They are what we call Civil War Era 1861-1864 and the stamp on the back verifies it”.

Alicia, with your offer of your husband printing out colour photographs, if I format my photos to be the precise size of these cdv’s do you think he could print them out for me, then, I will mount them onto card stock like these ones

  1. OH DIOS, tus blogs vintage!!! Me encanta, me encantaaa, yo soy de esa época y estoy por un muy cruel error del destino viviendo en esta jajaja, oh Dios, qué lindas tus fotos!!!! me encanta, me encanta =)

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