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CSSA ~ Pixies and Zippers and Buttons; oh my!

September 30, 2011


…And the best piece of advice given when he asked how to become a film maker? Make films. This is exactly what I tell people who ask how to become photographers: take pictures. Want to become a chef? Cook food. A doctor? Start operating on people…wait…scratch that…  ~  Elizabeth Halford

Oh, and if I want to learn how to be a seamstress?   I should start sewing.   And on Thursday that’s exactly what I did! 

Seriously, I am surprised at how well I got on.  I am way behind with the sew~along but on Thursday afternoon I was poking about aimlessly, ignoring the housework {I know, I know ~ bad Bonita!! > x < } and I thought that I would either study for my coaching course or tackle my very first zipper….

Anywho, the zipper won out and this is the result ~


I still find it hard to believe that that is actually my own sewing ninja skillz and not the magical pixie that lives under the tea kettle {because pixies, the sensible fairy creatures that they are, subsist on tea} that got that zip into place.  I know my fear of sewing zips is slightly irrational, but it’s there none the less. 

Of course, it isn’t a perfect job and if I could go back and make a few tweaks I probably would, but for my first go, as well as doing it all on my lonesome, I am really quite chuffed! 

I continued on the sewing spree and hemmed the cut I made in the underlining to allow the zip to open up fully.  I am planning to make my skirt fully reversible {yay! Two for the price of one!}, so I sewed on some buttons Friday night…. 

For more pictures and a tutorial you can visit my blog ~ Depict This! and see how the lining turned out: D  ~



  1. Lapped zippers are my favorite. Looks like your finish could be a little cleaner (maybe it's just the photo that's making it look like there's a raw edge next to the zip?) but practice makes perfect.

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