Cherries Jubilee

September 15, 2011

The majority of the clothing I have made would qualify as“special occasion” attire.  But I neverlet the fact that people might think I am overdressed keep me from wearing adress that makes me feel fantastic.  Itturns out, I get more smiles from people and even a few doors opened forme.  Sure, some people stare or ask if Iam wearing a costume, but it does not detract from the joy that wearing theseclothes brings to me.
I have recently come to the conclusion that saving thesespecial garments for a special occasion is silly.  If wearing a great dress will improve mymood, why not wear one every day?
My cherry dress does not get a lot of use because I feelthat I should save it for a special occasion. However, I am determined to change all of that.  If it is not a full on ball gown, and if itjumps out at me from the closet, I am going to put it on and enjoy wearing it!
This dress was made using Butterick 4792, another vintagereproduction (I told you I am addicted!).

The petticoat ruffle that gets attached to the lining of the skirt isone of my favorite parts.  In fact, Iused the skirt and netting pattern pieces to make a stand alone petticoat forthe other full-skirted garments I have made. Instead of gathering all the way around the waist, the gathers arepushed to the sides, leaving the center front and back flat.
The pattern is surprisingly easy to put together.  I love the bodice and neckline details andmay have to use them with a pencil skirt at some point.
More information and pictures may be found over at my blog.
  1. FANTASTIC!!! I love the cut and the cherry fabric is to die for! You could sell that online and make a million dollars.

  2. I completely agree a great dress should not be tucked away for a special occasion. After having worn my own retro inspired reproductions on a daily basis for awhile now I have found that many strangers find it refreshing to see a dress with style, care and thought put into it, or so they have said. As far as those that insist I am over dressed, I supposed I am compared to their sweatpants and tanktop 😛

  3. I think most people really like seeing someone well turned out, they're just not always certain how to approach the subject. People often say things to me like "Gee, you're really dressed up today!" My kneejerk reaction is to take it as a criticism, but if I just say something cheerful like "I try!" or "I wanted to wear it because I just made it" or even the biggest truth, "looking pulled-together makes me FEEL pulled-together," they usually will reply with, "Well, you look great!" or "I wish I could sew!" or something else complimentary.

    Oh, and you look fabulous. You have a great look going on, not just the dress by any means!

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