Vintage Sewing

Butterick 2396

September 6, 2011

So the plain pattern project sew-a-long has started off very plain.  I made the first version of my pattern over the weekend with some thin cotton fabric I had in my stash.  I have had it for ages so I don’t really remember what sort of fabric it is but it is really soft and light.
Vintage Butterick 2396 
My pattern was vintage Butterick 2396 which I shared on my first PPP post here.  This pattern suits this sew-a-long perfectly because it is very plain indeed.  It has very little shaping to the body.  The best feature of this top are the buttons that run down the back.  This is actually what drew me to this pattern in the first place.
Vintage Butterick 2396
Even though it looks boring as bat shit on the coat hanger it looks a lot better on.  Here is how I wore it to work today.
Plain Pattern Project #1 
I already have plans for my next two versions and I think they will both turn out heaps better than this version.  Even though this version is still wearable it is a little plain and boring for my tastes.  For my next versions I think I will adjust the shaping and fit quite a bit.  I also have some great ideas of how to take this pattern from plain and boring to fun & exciting.  

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