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B5007 mens western shirt

September 10, 2011

This shirt was inspired by some lovely Laura Ashley fabric I found in an Oxfam shop and by Mr Ooobops! desire for a slim fitting shirt with a large collar. I have never made a mans (or a ladies) shirt before so this was a real test of my patience! I am so relieved it turned out ok.
The instructions were very clear but didn’t advise on how to finish seams. I thought the pressed open seams looked odd, even if they were hidden inside, so I created my first flat felled seams. It suited the double row of topstitching throughout and has generated a really strong seam down each side and sleeve which gives necessary strength for such a fitted shirt.
It is the most time consuming project I have ever worked on but mainly because I took it really slowly. There were so many instances where I could have screwed up otherwise!
I would definitely make another, with a few adjustments but right now I really need a break from sewing buttonholes and buttons!
More info and pictures over on Ooobop!

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