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Self drafted midi skirt inspired by 40’s and latest British Vogue!

August 24, 2011

So – hopefully this post is ok, even if I don’t have any pattern to share and compare!

A few days ago I decided to make a skirt to test a few things, how to work with 70’s heavy stretch fabrics (they’re horrible), how to put in an invisible zipper and actually having it be at least somewhat invisible (worked out it’s not, but at least it looks better than previous attempts), and testing my rolled hemmer foot on the sewing machine (that one was awesome!!).

For some reason, I do not own a simple straight cut skirt pattern (I tend to go for the weird funny ones, which I never have enough fabric for), so I decided to just draft my own pattern. How hard could it be? Not very hard at all, I realised! 
My inspiration was the gorgeous skirts of the 40’s and early 50’s. long and lean! Just like the ones that are back in fashion, and in the august issue of British Vogue! Here are the pics that inspired me the most:

I just love them! (Both pictures are (c) Vouge.)

Now for my own creation: (it’s a little bit seethrough, I’m gonna fix that as soon as I get some more light colored facing over here…)

As always, for more pictures, and even more babbling (yes, that is possible, I talk/write a lot), come visit my blog at!

  1. Love this one Ewa. These skirts just have the most womanly and flattering shape. I'm very much into trousers and skirts at the proper waist too now.

    Good work!

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