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new dress… NOT for children!

August 30, 2011

hello all!
this past week i whipped up a great new dress from simplicity 4270. yes, technically this IS a little girl’s dress… but it looked like it belonged in my closet! (oh god, i don’t know what that says about my style that kid clothes fit in so well….) so here it is–

now, i’m not sure what happened here. the only adjustments i made were to enlarge the arm holes (since i don’t have spaghetti noodles for arms) and i shortened the darts because i didn’t want waffle cone shaped breasts. however, i did NOT add any inches to this when i cut it out. not even a half inch. this is a girls size 12.
a 30 inch bust.

i don’t know what kind of bizarro measuring was going on over at simplicity when they made this, but for whatever reason it is, this came out fitting me perfectly.

no complaints– just blew my mind! i don’t wear anything CLOSE to that size! it was weird.
anywho, i do quite like the dress and will most likely make a few more. the fabric i used came from an estate sale which means it has the slightest hint of mothballs no matter how much it gets washed, and though it is light and thin, this is a polyester fabric which sucks since i live in south texas and it is currently 9,000 degrees outside.
more on my blog if you’re interested!

  1. isn't it weird how the sizing works in some of those vintage patterns? i made a dress with a 30" bust last year (and i should wear a 36"), and it fit me perfectly too with no alterations… actually, the waist was a little big! it was also a simplicity pattern. it's weird how much ease they throw into those things.

    love your dress! the gingham is really cute! i don't think it looks like a children's dress at all 🙂

  2. This is gorgeous, love the style! I find that with most patterns I use, most are not remotely close to the size I'm trying to make them, thinking my seam allowances are too small or something! 🙂

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