An Introduction

August 31, 2011
Hello all!  My name is Laura, and I am so very pleased to join this wonderful online community.  I reside in Novato, CA and adore vintage things.  And although some may not understand my wardrobe choices, I simply cannot live without petticoats and other girly, old-fashioned things.  Lately, I have been more drawn to the 1940s, but only because my closets are not happy with the numerous crinolined frocks they must accommodate.
As an introduction, I thought I would share one of my favorite vintage projects – a reproduction of a Vogue Couturier pattern I found over at Eva Dress.
Once I had my fabric in hand the real fun began.  Am I the only one who takes extra special care with a project simply because the fabric is amazing?  A muslin, thread tacks, and hand basting are absolutely required!  This is one of the more complicated dresses I have worked on, and it is also one of my most successful.
So successful, in fact, that the dress demanded its own topper and hat. 
I am so excited to share my journey in vintage fashion with you!  Feel free to stop on by my brand new blog.
  1. I love the dress! And, I too have just begun tailoring tacking – it really is more accurate, seemingly – I'll check out your blog! Pam

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