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new shorts!

July 10, 2011
once again, i am breaking free of my strict ‘no pants’ wardrobe. i made a new pair of shorts for the weekend out of some stripey denim from my fabric stash and have been (aside from mosquito bites too close to my ass for comfort) very happy with the results! i used the first view from mc calls 9021, but had to shorten them a LOT more than where they suggested. bermuda length shorts on a girl who’s barely over 5 feet tall is never attractive, no matter what old navy tells you.
i also had to close the little pleat on the front because i, like most women, don’t want my britches to create the slightest illusion of a fupa.
looking at the pattern now though, it doesn’t look like they give you much of a choice besides camel toe or fupa. someone at mccall’s must have been drawing this up like, “hey, no one really likes flattering shorts, right? riiiiiiight?” but, i did get to use a cool button i found inside of a purse i got at a vintage shop! 
looks dangerously similar to a pepperminty treat… so, as always, more on my blog!

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