The blouse with the bow

June 1, 2011

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to get more involved with the online craft community. Because that’s way more fun than losing 5kg, I’ve done a pretty good job on this particular resolution compared to others. I made this blouse for the Spring Top Sewalong, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed wearing it for Day 1 of Me-Made-June.

The pattern is McCall’s 3829 from 1956, I believe. And as you can make out in the top left, I paid $2 at a local antique store near my parents’ house outside of the Twin Cities. The fabric I found at another antique store near my parents’ house. I paid a whopping $1 for it and there was close to three (very sheer) yards.

I’ve got lots to say about how this shirt came together. You can read about it here and here

And this photo, taken about 12 hours after I dressed this morning shows just how much–it turns out–I love wearing this shirt.

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