Retro Inspired Embroidery

June 29, 2011

So it involves a needle, thread, and fabric.  Not quite sewing I know, but work has kept me separated from my sewing machine.  Hand embroidery is something I could do at work so I worked on these panels.  I finished in roughly 5 days.  They are kitchen proverbs I found online that had an old-fashioned feel to them. 

More information on my blog here and here.  It was super fun to use a more old fashioned kind of skill (hand embroidery rather than a machine) to create these classic looking pictures.  How many people do you know even use some of these proverbs anymore?  And there were more on the website I used.  These are going to be a present for my grandmother, so I hope she enjoys them.

  1. I love these, have downloaded the templates (and a few more besides) to try from the site you linked to. Thank you for sharing!

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