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more pants!

June 6, 2011

I have been busy this weekend adapting a 1970’s body suit pattern..Firstly I made the whole suit just to get a feel for the pattern and then I made shorts and bloomers from the bottom half of the pattern missing out elastic leg cuffs for the red shorts ( made out of an 80’s duvet cover).  Ooh I also added a short zipper to replace the full body version zipper and darts to bring in the waist. The flower pants are made from the bottom half of a vintage dress.

  1. The plaid pair looks very 1950s…with a pair of red wedgies or sandals you're set for a day at the beach or the pool.

  2. thankyou all so much..unfortunately I do make these to sell so I don't get to keep..shame.. I love the red ones too boo hoo!

  3. and….Sofia..I used simplicity 6880..body suit and added two darts at the back and two at the front and sewed the crotch instead of poppers 🙂

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