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Finally Wearable Dressing Gown / Bath Robe

June 12, 2011

In October last year I decided I wanted a nice warm dressing gown to wear all winter so I pulled out this pattern and dyed some killington flannel.  I must have been influenced by the pattern photo as I ended up dying my fabric almost the same shade as the cover picture!

 It went together really easily and I was happy with the length and the fit, plus killington flannel is really warm so it all seemed to have worked out fine.

 You can see the darts on the front and the top of the sleeves, you just don’t get that from modern patterns.

Although it all looked good when I actually wore the dressing gown it drove me insane.  The button loops just did not stay shut which meant that it let in the cold air and didn’t fulfil its duty to keep me nice and warm.  I think had they been sewn with the ends closer together it might have worked better or perhaps if I’d used elastic.  I had done what the pattern instructions called for.

Sadly, it hang on the back of my sewing room door until today when I finally did some buttonholes.

I think it looks ok even though the design wasn’t meant to have buttonholes.  It will hang better on a real person than on my dressform.  Why it took me 8 months to do 6 buttonholes I really don’t know and of course it’s now too warm to wear it, but come colder weather I am now ready to go!

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