Easy Vintage Sewing For Kids

June 11, 2011

Why did Blogger decide that picture needed to be sideways?

This pattern is from 1978 and it’s a British Simplicity pattern. Strangely although I live in England most of my vintage patterns are American…

Anyway, I think this shows that vintage sewing doesn’t always have to be complicated.  These were made using 1 pattern piece and they fit wonderfully!  I did make a smaller size than I thought he needed as apparently almost 4 year olds were taller in the 70’s than they are now but besides that I didn’t have to change or alter a thing.

I couldn’t find striped anything to go down the side so I made my own using 2 different widths of ribbon.  I used a twin needle to connect the red to the white and did it by eye so it’s surprisingly straight.  I added a label to the back for a little more ready to wear look, although the label contradicts that!

While I’m talking about sewing for kids I would highly recommend these books to anyone who sews for babies through to 10 year olds.

 And again with the sideways for no apparent reason…
These Kwik Sew books date from the 80’s (I’d guess) and have a wealth of simple and quick to make things for kids (mainly using knits).  They also give loads of ideas of how to change the patterns to make them more interesting and give more variety.  The styling is a little dated, the t-shirts tend to be really wide, but that’s easy to fix by making a smaller size and adding length to it.  They aren’t cheap on Ebay but they are well worth the investment, I’ve used them over and over again for my 2 boys, especially the t-shirt and simple trousers/shorts patterns (I straighten the legs of the trousers as they’re quite tapered).
I will be using the sweatsuit pattern again before my little one grows out of it for sure!
  1. I love that you made these just as on the pattern and they are so cute..I like to make things for my daughter as she loves clothes..eight going on teenager!

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