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blooming eck!

June 3, 2011

I have wanted to have a go a bloomers for a while here they are.. so easy to make… sew one leg inside the other.  I made the red pair from an old nightgown and the  spotties are made from the bottom of a maxi dress which i wear with these and they peek just below!.  The white ones are from an old piece of curtaining..but the blue polka dots are my faves…oh and they are so comfy to wear too.

  1. I love them! they look very comfy and cute. Is it rude to ask if you still wear knickers under them or if they become your knickers? What do you mean by sewing one leg inside the other..I've never heard of sewing pants like that – how does it work?

  2. The shot of you on the crochet blanket looks like it could have been taken in the 1940s or 1950s…shorts then looked a lot like your bloomers.

  3. Hi Jayne Angela these are really cute especially the blue spotty ones!did you use a pattern for these or did you draft it yourself?I'd love to make some of these. I couldn't find a link to your blog
    do you have one?

  4. thanks gals for all the lovely comments.ok I'll have a go at a tutorial I do have a blog and I will sort out a link..just not very good at updating it though:S
    they really are so easy one pattern piece cut 2 and a bit like inserting a sleeve into an armhole..they can be worn however one dares Adele!

  5. I've been wanting to try some bloomers too! Especially for wearing under some of my shorter dresses in the summer. These are fantastic! I've been reinspired. A tutorial would be great too.

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