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1950’s Wedding Gown Reproduction

June 4, 2011
I haven’t posted here in a long time because I’ve been making a lot of bridesmaid dresses that are more modern, but I’m back in the groove of my favorite thing to do… “Vintage Reproductions”. This dress is for a wedding. Here is the original:

For this I modified McCall’s 5817. You can see more details of the modifications here.
My version of the dress:
I had a limited amount of fabric and had to cut very carefully. What should of been 4 yards of overlay was about 3 1/8 yard. If I had the full 4 available I could of done the larger hem of the original vintage dress. I alway nick pick everything and am not completely happy with it because my hem is shorter! To see more of my fashions you can visit my blog.

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