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Would anyone care to join me?

May 26, 2011

Are you like me and when you open your wardrobe door you have like 2 dresses you love and wear all the time and  the rest only when your favourites are in the wash because they all need mending or refashioning?or taking apart completly Do you  fancy joining me to do something about this using as little money as possible?
 I thought I’d give it a proper name. I’m going to call it my Make Do and Mend Wardrobe Refashion.
 In my ever growing library I have a copy of Make do and Mend.It suggests that you upick your clothes to be refashioned,wash them and press them and then cut out your pattern.A couple of years ago when I first bought the book I did’t think too much to this. I could think of soo many shortcuts.And I have certainly had success with quite a few refashions but It often didn’t turn out quite right so I decided that for this refashion I ‘m going to take my time and do things properly although I can’t guarantee I have mended my ways I will try to resist a quick fix andI have been looking for people who are doing something similar or would like to do something similar.

Just a bit too dirndl. the dress I’m refashioning at the moment. I actually quite like it but It doens’t look so great on and makes me look like an extra from the sound of music and not in a good way!

I’m not reall crazy about too may rules but The objective is to increase the usability of your wardrobe using as little money as possible but trying to resist too many quick fixes . I’m doing this by using the existing vintage clothes I love as patterns to refashion the clothes I don’t love so much.(you can use whatever you have because thats’ sort  of the point so if you have patterns that fit you well use them)I’m going to try wherever possible to use notions/fabric/patterns I allready have or can get for free.So at the end of this everyone should end up with a wardrobe off clothes you like which fit and flatter for hardly any money.
beginners shouldn’t feel left out because easy quick projects are fine too.
more on my blog:

Off course the idea is that you use whathever you have but I did want to keep a vintage look to the finished articles so the idea is to use vintage clothes as patterns or vintage/vintage style patterns

  1. … Hmmm? The dress isn't 'vintage' it's only in the wrong country, isn't it 😉 🙂 .

    Bright idea of doing something that has kept families going since the stone age but was 'just a tad' forgotten, since it's been rather easy somewhere in between.

    I'd join you in a hurry, yet can't since THIS computer is at my workplace (hence a 'no no') and 'surfing' is only restricted permitted whilst cooling down the running legs during the main job.
    Whilst private I live a bit (very) bush with a very very bad and unreliable reception – hence have given up altogether.

    YET: I'd love to follow you and can just say "go girls go; nobody ever died of this job beforehand"

    Good luck,

  2. Hi Echidna,
    A shame you don't have good reliable internet access. I didn't until recently. It's so annoying!
    You are right it's exactly what people have done for the last hundreds of years and thankfully is making a come back.The dress is vintage it's just a bit of an ugly duckling but I'll soon put that right.
    Thanks for the encouring words though

    I just wanted to clarify that if join me in this refashion it's not neccessary to tackle your whole wardrobe. It's up to you how many refashions you want to do even if it's just the one

  3. … basically it means you're encouraging others to 'remember more frequent' to put in so called 'UFO-days' (Un finished Objects) which everybody would need – probably more than a full year has days in its own right 😉 – and you'll offer your site to show and hence encourage more people doing so, means show what's possible. Could indeed turn out a bit like "hey, why shouldn't I be capable to do so as well". which wouldn't hurt indeed.

    Well, would be nice indeed; please cross your fingers for planned improvement of internet access here in OZ. Till then (or some move to a better serviced location) I shall follow you from here and seriously wish you luck with your heroic deed of pulling even others gently on their scruff of the neck to perhaps do what they dreamed off anyway.

    LG and 'seeya'

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