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Making Loud Sixties Jumpers for People Too Young to Object

May 30, 2011

A little memorial day sewing. I took this handmade (not by me) version of Butterick 4699, elegantly modeled by my husband:

…and this 1968 toddler pattern:

…to create this unfeasibly large jumper and hat for 8 month old Mrs Baby.

Tragically I seem to have miscalculated her size by a factor of three, so she’s not going to be able to wear this properly until she puts on about five pounds….mostly in her head.

This picture taken during the fitting to see where I should hem it. I haven’t found any appropriately overstated buttons, so for now she’s held together with hair clips.

Update: many months later, she’s now big enough to fit into it. In the preceeding months, however, there has been a marked change in her opinion of her mother’s talents:

I hate my hat
I hate my hat
  1. Haha, this is so adorable and you write about it in a really funny way.
    I think the final dress is great and at least you know that being a baby she'll be able to wear it in about a month – gives you time to get some huge buttons, and maybe pad the hat?
    It's refreshing to see a little girl in something other than pink too. Very cute.

  2. Those a great! Mad props to your husband for modeling for you. It takes a man who is truly comfortable with himself and supportive of his wife to do something like that.

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