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May 19, 2011

Hello Everyone! I’m Amelia and I have just joined. I wanted to introduce myself and post a link to my blog.

I am 27 years old, I live in beautiful Southern California, I love to sew, travel, hunt anywhere for anything vintage or retro and I play the harp…I do all these things obsessively. I am really new to the blogging world, which you can tell by visiting my blog, I think I am up to 4 posts and 2 followers both of which are family! Please visit me and say hello if you have a minute…

Black Betty

I sew on a 1940’s Singer Featherweight 221, ain’t she purty? She was a college graduation/now get out of my house and into your own gift from my mom! LOL….it was an awesome gift for a very poor college graduate who couldn’t afford my own, at least nothing quality…I call her “Black Betty” (I doubt this is very original).

I am almost finished with my first dress (it still needs hemming, a bit more interior finishing and a final pressing), it is not off of a vintage or retro pattern, but I was so eager to make a dress that I ran down to my local fabric store and bought the first pattern I could find! It is a  Very Easy Vogue, and it was very easy and a confidence builder for sure. Did I mention I am a novice seamstress, Anyway it turned out better than I could have hoped except for the too big part, even though I made the correct size, I’ll need to bring it in.

So that is about it…I don’t want to talk your ears off, or whatever the web equivalent is, but come check me out at my blog and see my post on my upcoming vintage project….“The New Look Blouse Project”



  1. I love your dress and I would be very pleased to know which pattern did you use (I would love to sew it 😉

  2. Hello all! The pattern in this photo is a contemporary Very Easy Vogue pattern, bought it a month ago or so, #V8630! It is really easy to make, but I think it runs large because I am going to have to take the dress in, but it might just be my personal measurement ratio. Thanks for the comments.

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