1. The hair, slim pants, and sleeveless top look like something Mary Tyler Moore would have worn on The Dick Van Dyke Show, so I would guess early 60's.

  2. Had a quick look at the hat shape in my trusty John Peacock "Fashion Accessories" reference book and I reckon c.58/59. Love that look with the slim pants, shame my hips and thighs don't!!

  3. i would say early 60s. the flip hairstyle, hat, head scarf, boatneck sleeveless top and cigarette pants and even the pointy shoes were all fashionable in that era.

  4. I would say early 60's too. based on the little scarf,the hairstyle and the pants but it's the hairstyle which just looks early 60's to me

  5. A 58** pattern number would be 1963, which goes along with the flip hairstyle and skinny pants.

  6. Thanks guys. So we're definite that pattern numbers were released at the same time in the US and UK? It seems logical, but I've never seen any dating information for British Vogues.

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