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April 12, 2011

I just started sewing in January of this year, and it quickly became apparent why I love to sew vintage fashions the most… my awesome grandmas!  They have both passed away, but their birthdays were this month (and they both died in the month of April too) so I have been missing them lately.  One was a quilter and the other had a great vintage 1940’s flair to her modern day clothing.  Both combined in me to love sewing vintage things!

Here they are:

The quilter:

The vintage fashion lover:

Read more about them on my blog, Five Minutes More Please!

  1. your blog post made me tear up and think of my own nanas. thank you for sharing their stunning photo's and stories.

  2. I love your photos. I have considered trying to replicate an outfit from one of my old photos of my grandma. It is amazing how they did so much with so much less than we have now, and how lucky we are they passed some of that on to us. Thanks for sharing.

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