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April 21, 2011

Hi Sew Retro-ers,

I’ve posted some scans on my blog from a 1949 Australian Home Journal. I collect these magazines and have quite a number, and luckily most have their original sewing patterns included.

Jan 1st 1949
Let’s play ‘spot the slightly controversial item on the cover of this magazine!’

I find them really useful for dating vintage clothing and patterns and for ideas about the styles that were popular at certain points, so feel free to check them out (but probably my favourite things about these magazines are the ads and the social commentary they provide). I have more scans on my flickr from other magazines and will be putting more up as the year continues.


JenAlign Center

  1. Actually – I think they have scientifically proven that idleness DOES dull the brain, especially over time. People who have hobbies and work on things (like sewing) on a regular basis live longer and have better ability to do things for themselves long after those who just sit about and stare at tv!

    but yes – most people wouldn't like to see it out in text!

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