Simplicity 4714 (1943)

April 13, 2011

Here’s the pattern packet (from the Vintage Sewing Pattern wiki, listed there as Simplicity 4714 B):

And here it is in real life:

Yeah, I need a hair tutorial. Badly.

You can follow all the drama on my blog. It’s actually a size too big; it looks better here than it does in real life, but it’s still very wearable. I just look like I’m trying on my big sister’s clothes. I will definitely be resizing this to a 16, though, because it’s far too awesome a dress not to make again. I love the box pleats in the bodice, which give it some shape but don’t make it restrictive.

The really fun part was that, after I posted a picture to Facebook, a friend of mine who is a lady “of a certain age” commented that she made the same pattern for Home Economics class in eighth grade, in 1943!

  1. I read Sew Retro frequently, and rarely leave a comment, but for your post, I must.
    You. Are. Adorable. First of all, how lucky you are to look so youthful. I'd say that you look like you might have been in 8th grade last year if I were sure you would take that as a compliment.
    The dress is fab.
    But the best part is that you are friends with "a lady of a certain age". It just makes me smile.

  2. I think it's lovely! And what a unique story about your friend, what are the odds of that? Makes it all the more special.

  3. Hey, I like your hair! (Of course, it also happens to look exactly like mine.)

    I also love the dress.

  4. Goodness, no; I haven't been in eighth grade for, um, decades. Must have been some good lighting! But thank you all the same.

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