Vintage Sewing


April 21, 2011

I have been wanting to make vintage pants for some time but my sewing machine has not taken kindly to lightweight fabric..I’m getting there! so I made these pants from this 60’s shorts pattern using view c and leaving out the zipper I had to use  stretchy fabric from a vintage dress to get leaverage into them! and didn’t add the waistband..they are without doubt the most comfortable pants I have ever owned and never go up my bottom!!(always a problem for me)..the pattern is a size 8  and I am a 10(uk) so in stretchy fabric they work perfectly but I don’t think I would get them on in something without give!..I like them with this 80’s bikini top as swimwear ..I like things that don’t match:)…Because they are not actualy a pants pattern they do not have a gusset lining but that is easy to rectify ..only two pieces to simple!!

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