1. Hi, Sarah,

    I can't help you with the first pattern, but I have a line for you for the second one. If you go to the link that I've included in this message, you'll find the pants/overalls pattern. The pattern that you'll find is a reproduced pattern that has been redrafted to be a multi-size pattern. I don't know how much shipping to Canada is (hopefully not much. I always feel that international shipping is such a rip off), but you'll be able to find it (and other fun patterns) on the website.
    By the way, I've seen this pattern made up and it is really cute! Happy sewing!


  2. Hi,
    I have the the second pattern from evadress and have made about a dozen pairs of the high waisted trousers. It's a great pattern and they come together really easily. Evadress are great to deal with aswell and the patterns arrive really quickly even though I live in Ireland.

  3. You might check on that shipping price. A single pattern backed with card and packed in a bubble mailer is a couple of ounces, and you can ship that first class from the US to Canada for about $2.

    The seller might be quoting a price for priority or something; I'm sure she'd ship 1st class international if you requested it.

  4. Go to BestVintagePatterns.com and you will find the pattern under the category 1940s patterns. Shipping to Canada is a flat $3.50

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