1. This past summer I was visiting a friend out of town and she was showing me her extensive clothing collection. Among the items was a mid '60s sheath dress with a really interesting neckline detail. I kept thinking it looked so familiar and a few weeks later as I was digging through some patterns I inherited from an 82 year old woman I found the dress (in pattern form)! I knew I'd seen it before somewhere, just in an illustration. Whoever had made it even used a red very similar to the one in one of the examples on the envelope.

  2. Hasn't happened to me yet, but I just finished a dress, posted a pic on Facebook, and got a message from a friend who is a lady "of a certain age" saying that she made the same dress in Home Economics class in 1943.

  3. OH WOW. That dress you made is amazing! Love the pattern- how gorgeous.
    How neat that you found it in a vintage shop (but I like yours better šŸ˜‰

  4. this has happened to me, but in reverse! at the vintage place down the street from me they were having a spring sale last year, with an adorable 1940s dress (evening length) done up with a contrast bias band at the bust and thick straps, as well as a contrast bias band at the hem. a few days later i spotted simplicity 1297, which would swear was the exact pattern…

  5. It's my favourite pattern of all time too (and I have it)! I am still in the long process of making it up… I had to completely re-size the pattern and have underlined the whole thing, so it's been drawing out for a long long time… but I can't wait till it's done. And your version is lovely.

  6. Jacki, you collect and sew long enough…you start seeing things. Don't be alarmed. Don't visit a shrink. It's normal. Just…eat more chocolate!

  7. I never leave a comment, perhaps the wine has loosened me up. I just have to say that your version of the dress on is absolutely lovely and the pleating is extraordinary. I do hope that one of the pattern companies release it as one for their vintage line. Your recreation is exquisite!!! I prefer it to the one in the store, as Iā€™m glad that you did not cut the pleats at the lower neckline, so well done.

    I live in London, so please tell us which vintage store you visited there.



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