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April 26, 2011

ok, so this is an advertisment that i had to make for my photoshop class, but, i DID make the dress and the caplet. 🙂 for our assignment we had to make a garment out of anything in the house from our imaginary “line”. i don’t know baout you, but I have a MAJOR- i mean, MAJAH fabric stash! so i thought, “if i have to actually make something, might as well dig into the stash!” so i did. i made 2 garments in about 2 hours.* i got an “A” for my assignment. yahoo! 🙂 i actually like my photoshop class, it’s fun! 🙂 who knew i’d like spending time on the compy for work reasons! 🙂

* both these garments have raw edges, so they’re not COMPLETELY finished, but it worked for the assignment. 🙂

  1. You know, a raw edge can be a completely appropriate finish, depending on the fabric, whether it'll ravel and whether you want that, and how it'll behave in the wash. This over-finishing business is a totally modern concept :-).

  2. hehe, thanks Marie- Christine, i think you're totally right. perhaps this weekend i will finish the caplet around the neck, as it seems to be a bit fragile. 🙂 thanks for commenting! 🙂 i hope to make more things soon, a bit more on the retro side next.. ehehe. 🙂

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