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1950s Easter dresses for two very darling girls!

April 23, 2011

In spite of not starting these until the Tuesday before Easter, I finished these frocks with enough time to do a photoshoot and Easter isn’t until tomorrow! Of course getting a decent picture of two very active girls is a bit of a trick…

With Amy (little one’s) dress, I decided to leave the scalloped apron unadorned. What with the waist tie (I cheated and used a ribbon) and the little bow at the collar and the contrast and the topstitching on the pintucked yoke, I felt like there was enough happening on the front of her dress!

Oh, and a word to the wise – if you decide to make a dress like this, don’t use Kona cotton for the apron. Two layers of Kona, gathered, at the waist was right bulky! I was so afraid I was going to break a serger needle on it!

Betsy’s dress is a dropped waist style which works well if you have a girl like mine with a looong torso. She still fits into her thrift shop crinoline slip from last year – that was one less thing I had to do!

The ribbon trim was my favorite part. I sew ribbons on everything.

I am so pleased with how these turned out; I hope the girls don’t outgrow them anytime soon! Then again, the sky blue material was re-purposed from a bed sheet so they didn’t really cost us anything.

  1. They are both Simplicity. Betsy's is 1955 and Amy's is 1951 (60 years old!!) I don't remember the pattern numbers but I posted envelope images a few days back…

  2. oh!! Lovely!! Love the colors you used, I guess I want to do a dress like that for my daughter, she has a large torso also, I am gonna inspired in the patterns you used I just bought some fabric =)

  3. We don't often see vintage children's wear on here, what a refreshing change. The girls look so pleased with their Easter frocks!

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