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Ugly Elsa says hello

March 21, 2011

Nice to meet you! I am Elsa from Finland, and I am really fascinated by vintage clothes, specially from 1930’s to 1940’s, but I am a very impulsive person, so my favorite era varies from 1800 to 1970’s… I am better at knitting and crocheting than sewing, and I have collected hundreds of knitting magazines – when I fall in love with some theme, I can’t help starting a collection! I love browsing my magazines and dreaming. There are much fewer fulfilled projects than dreams and plans…

Recently I finished a knitting project that had been lying on the bottom of my basket for about two years: a buttoned blouse from 1940’s with emphasized shoulders. I started knitting with an angora yarn from 1980’s (an old bargain sale finding), but ran out of it, so I had to continue with a totally different silk blend yarn – the result does not look bad. My camera is very poor, so I can’t send you a photo before my daugter comes home for the weekend and takes a photo with her mobile phone.

Now I am knitting a skirt to suit the blouse, but my inpiration is almost over at the moment, so it may take time before it will be finished… Here is a photo of a stylish crocheted dress that I found in a magazine of 1960’s – I want to make this, maybe in red and black.
I have two blogs that might interest you, one for my vintage hobby (vintage as a whole lifestyle and a way of thinking):, the other for my crafts projects (and those of my five children, too): Unfortunately I have been writing only in Finnish – maybe you will find Google Translate helpful? I promise I start posting also in English from this day on!

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