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The Infinite Dress – McCall’s 5360 – In The Wild

March 6, 2011

The Infinite Dress, in the wild!
We finally saw the sun today for the whole day, which felt like a miracle. But I wasn’t foolish enough to undress, it’s still nippy, so I am wearing a pair of jeans and a sweater underneath. I do think it’s enough for you to get the idea though.
It’s a very quick instant satisfaction project which you can cut-and-sew in under 2 hours including testing the zigzag stitches and ironing the seam allowance which I did to get a better finish.
It’s is an awesome piece of engineering if you ask me, it’s rather well named as the ways to tie it are endless and I totally will wear it to go to the beach when the summer comes.
Lydia Silvestry has a new fan in me. This dress is a winner.
  1. I absolutely love this dress! It looks so soft and I really love the color. I'm thinking about stealing this idea 🙂 A nice piece, Carmencita.

  2. Your dress came out wonderfully! Thanks so much for posting this. I was not familiar with the convertible dress style, and you inspired me to make a variation of this type of dress.

  3. that dress is wonderful. love the color, the knit fabric, and the drape. it pairs so well with a knit black turtleneck.

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