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Sewing The 1930’s

March 31, 2011

Back in January I needed to throw something together for a 1930’s party I was hosting. I ran out of time to do something truly amazing . . . but managed to pull together the jumper and blouse in about six hours. I chose the above pattern from the archives, because it looked like it would whip up pretty quickly. Don’t let the “Size 20″ alarm you – it’s vintage sizing and the actual measurements were for a 38″ bust, and a 41” hip.

The sleeve on the right looks a little sad because there’s no arm on the dressmaker form to poof it out – but I think you get the idea. Both of the fabrics came from my in house stash. The blouse fabric is a light weight cotton with blue berries and green leaves that match the green in the jumper. The jumper is actually made of boiled wool. Which probably wouldn’t be the fabric of choice in the 1930’s – but it matched the color in the blouse too perfectly to pass up. The outfit was suppose to have a finished belt with it – but I ran out of time – so I just cut some of the blouse fabric to make a sash. The little “sliders” on the shoulders are belt buckles, that I just picked it because they looked “deco” to me.

Despite the fact I ended up throwing it on just before party time . . . and had to quick baste the front of the blouse (no time to put the buttons on), it looked very appropriate for the time period of the event, and garnered some nice compliments.

For more details about my on-going vintage sewing projects and to see larger photos of the above outfit visit my blog!

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