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Semi- Edwardian style wedding dress

March 30, 2011
I have been working on this wedding gown for a few months and finished last night Yay! And my one year old didn’t get any stains on it!
This dress has a little bit of an Edwardian feel but we didn’t want it to be too costumey so I tried to make it a more subtle influence. It was a pretty much self- drafted pattern based on a photo of an Oscar De La Renta Dress. If you are interested in learning about making a wedding dress I have several tutorials on my blog sewcountrychick which I used and link to.
Here is a turorial for this randomly pleated sash.
Also, here is some info about tea dying lace.
And last but not least this french bustle tutorial thanks to Sew For Dough.
  1. Thanks! No it's for a friends wedding. I always wanted to try one and she asked me and I was terrified actually. It's good to challenge ourselves,

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