My March Madness Skirt

March 14, 2011

Well so much for alliteration.

My March skirt is from Vogue Very Easy Pattern 9311 from the late 1970s.  A different look from my early 1950’s skirts to be sure but a classic skirt nonetheless.  I made the shortest length though on me, it was really view B.

A classic style.

The fabric is heavy sort of poly blend,  I think, it takes a fairly high heat, with gray/ navy/ white checks.  I really need to do a burn test.  The pattern only has 3 pieces which includes the waistband so it went together really quickly even with a lining.  I did have some problems due to user error.  Take a look at my blog for the details on putting this one together.

I am really enjoying this heavier skirt due to some cold weather that has blown through.  It looks fantastic with my one navy sweater.

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